Awesome “Bug-Out” Products (just for fun)

Anyone can take anything to new extremes and bug-out products are no exception to this. Check them out.

For about $25,000 you can get a fully equipped Bug-Out Survival Trailer by a company called BIBO Outfitters. It has everything two people need to survive in the wilderness for 30 days. It even has a small bathroom set-up.


Or this: the sleek, well-designed BOSS system. The company that makes it claims it will sustain a couple for three months.


You can do it yourself if you don’t want to shell out 25 grand. The internet is peppered with do-it-yourself plans for using a camper hull or a cargo truck to make a survival shelter. ¬†Your transportation needs will dictate in part the type of¬†trailer you use. Live-in trailers will require a larger SUV or half-ton pickup to haul them. The smaller trailers, like the ones shown above, may be pulled with a mid-sized SUV or a pickup.

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