Making Emergency Contact Quickly

What if there were an app for your phone that would instantly contact emergency services for you?  Well, there is one. It’s called SafeTrek.

SafeTrek was created by college students so they could feel safer once leaving home and living on campus. You can use is on both your Android phone or your iPhone. It does cost, $2.99 a month, but the cost is minimal when you consider the piece of mind it gives you.

SafeTrek works on an incredibly simple design. You press the app button and you are given a screen with a large button on it that you press on until you feel safe. Within 10 seconds of you letting go, if you do not punch in your four digit code, it contacts emergency services for you. It works that simply and easily.

Scenarios for teachers:

  • You hear gunshots.
  • You’ve had a late evening at the school and the parking lot is dark.
  • A student or another teacher is badly hurt and you can’t leave his/her side.
  • You or a student have been injured on a field trip.

Most teachers can think of even more scenarios than these.

Check out the app.  There is a free 7-day trial.

Set up the app. This is super easy to do.

Make sure your cell phone is in very good working condition. Keep a charger or extra battery at school or in your schoolbag at all times.

Be prepared.



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