What do you really need?

You will most likely be in your classroom when an emergency strikes. We’re talking: lock-down, earthquake, fire, chemical disaster and so on. Different disasters require different action. However, there are some items you need to have on hand for all of these incidents. So, you have some work to do for your own personal safety and that of your students. You won’t do them any good if you can’t function.

There are two things you need to assemble; these are the basics you need. First, you need a supply area or a box in your classroom with the following:

  • Water, as many gallons as you can fit without compromising your instruction
  • First Aid kit, either school supplied or one you make up on your own
  • Food, 30-60 protein bars or survival bars
  • Toilet device, such as a 5-gal bucket from the home improvement store
  • Box of plastic garbage bags for the 5-gal bucket
  • Thermal sheets, as many as you can get, they are flat and space efficient
  • Duct tape, several rolls
  • Paracord, 550 lb is best

Second, you must have a bug-out bag, preferably a backpack:

  • LED flashlight and extra batteries
  • Handcrank multi-band radio
  • Steripen
  • Matches, or better yet, a firestarter kit
  • First Aid kit, this can be a smaller version
  • Multi-tool device
  • Personal items: a 7-day supply of your meds, feminine products, wet-wipes
  • Your personal contact information (you might be the unconscious one)
  • Notebook and pen
One teacher’s bug out bag in the works

It goes without saying that all of this needs to be locked up tight. Yes, your school is supposed to have these items on hand for all personnel and students. But, what if you can’t get to them? What if they get damaged? What if they are not where they are supposed to be?

We can keep asking these sort of “what if” questions but the fact of the matter is that preparedness is ALWAYS a good idea. You are not be paranoid or fatalistic, you are being smart.

Be prepared and be a survivor.

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