What is an All-in-1-Tool?

An all-in-1-tool is exactly what it sounds like: there are many tools in one device. They are very handy and everyone should have one at home. They are essential to include in a well-equipped Go-Bag.

Here are several we like:

The CoBean 8 is an 8-in-1 tool you can buy for around $10 – $12. What we like most about it, besides the price, is that it includes a hammer and it’s only 6 inches long.


In approximately the same price range is the Sheffield 12913 Premium 14-in-1 Hammer Tool. As the name says, it gives you almost twice the tool power at just a few dollars more. Made of heavy duty steel, it is also about 6 inches long.


The next tool, this time in the $20 price range, in the Leatherman Style PS Multi-tool. This one does not have a hammer, but does have 7 other functions. It is lightweight and compact.


Why is compact size and weight a factor? First of all, many multi-tool owners like to be able to carry their tools in their backpacks while traveling, camping and hiking; they are not solely for keeping in the Go-Bag. Many people want their multi-tool to be able to go through security at the airport. If that is true for you, then you should buy one that is labeled TSA Compliant. The tools we’ve listed above are so economical, there is no reason not to buy two: one for travel and one to stick in your Go-Bag. Second, is that you are carrying this tool in a backpack with many other items. You do not want any more added weight or bulk than necessary.

Now, we’ve mentioned Leatherman and we’ve mentioned price. Start researching on your own and you will find that you can pay $10 – $300 for a multi-tool.  Yes, that’s right…$300. We personally would not put out that many dollars for a tool, but some people gotta have the best they can afford. However, if you want to spend a bit more to get better quality, there are many models of multi-tool in the $60 – $100 range.

Leatherman has so many, many models, you should have no problem getting exactly what you want in a tool. Other companies to research are Gerber, Columbia, and Skeletool.

Good luck with this and remember, don’t obsess over it. Just pick one you can afford and get in into your Go-Bag.

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